Our expertise lies in our ability to determine what your organization needs to move forward.  We do not claim to be everything to everyone.  Instead we offer specialized services and choose clients who understand the value of our services and whom we can help actualize real benefits.

Do you need Fourth Form Consulting?  Consider a few questions…


Are we a start-up with a great idea but little time to work on planning and set up of back-office operations?

Are we ready to take our organization to the next level, understanding that operational improvements will lead to higher profits?

 Are we starting to consider our Exit Strategy but are unsure on how to proceed?

Are we wasting time, money or energy because we do not have clear operational procedures?

Would our executive benefit from operational leadership training? 

Do we need temporary expertise in marketing, sales, operations, technology, etc?

If you answered yes to any of the above, or if these questions uncovered other questions for your organization, you
may need us.  Simply contact us for an informational session to determine if we are the right fit for your needs.   

HOw we can help 


Creation of Operational Strategy

Define the approach for successful operations within your organization.

Implementation of Operational Foundations

Initiate and administer the creation of systems for human resources, finance, marketing, client services and technology.

Development of Standard Operation Procedures

Develop SOPs to ensure consistency and create efficiency.

Project Planning, Management and Implementation

Project success is attained through effective planning, management and implementation of a solid plan.

New Business Planning

Make your business idea a reality by utilizing our expert business planning services.

Education and Training

Define the gaps in your staff education, create the program to close those gaps, facilitate training of that program.