About Us

Fourth Form helps clients determine the strategy for improvement, define the factors necessary to make their goals a reality and then implement the approved solution.

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Fourth Form Consulting is the result of over 25 years helping businesses define and implement their strategic goals.  Regardless of industry, all successful organizations share a common goal:  a focus on continual improvement.  We desire more sales, better customer service, higher profits and more.  Whatever defines success for your company will dictate the areas of primary attention. 

The team at Fourth Form Consulting utilizes proven methods for engaging our clients in meaningful dialogue.  We believe that the foundation of a successful relationship is strong communication.  With effective communication throughout all stages of a consulting agreement, you can be assured that the solution delivered solves the challenge or issue faced. 

As an agile organization that understands the needs of our clients, we are happy to work with you on a project basis, hourly, retainer or ad hoc as desired.